A TRIPLERR Voice-Lead is the recording of the property seeker and our representative detailing his/her property requirements in his/her own voice. This recording is available to Agents to hear on their TRIPLERR App to decide on whether they would like to buy the customer lead to service the requirements of the customer.
The TRIPLERR Voice Leads give agents 17 more data points about the customer’s property requirements than a normal internet lead and that to by the customer in his/her own voice, where as a normal internet lead provides agents with only 3 data points.
We believe that Agents are 3 times more likely to close a deal from a TRIPLERR Voice Lead, than from a normal internet lead.
There are a few steps that you need to go through to start receiving leads please follow the step below-
1: Download the TRIPLERR application from (app/play store link)
2: Sign up by filling in all of your personal details
3: Fill in your preferences, choose the areas that you would like to receive leads for. Remember the more areas you select the more leads you will receive.
4: Once you enter the dashboard, select 'VOICE LEAD AVAILABLE' this is where your leads will be waiting for you.
5: We will then send you leads that match your specific preferences.
Using our Pay Per Lead option the price of a lead is obtained by our 17 data point algorithm built within the TRIPLERR platform. Each lead price is dynamic and is determined by the 17 data points obtained from the customer There are various membership packages also available. Please speak to a member of the TRIPLERR team to assist you. Further information on the memberships are also available on your TRIPLERR App.
Follow the instructions below:
1: Using your TRIPLERR app select the menu from the top left corner of the dashboard and you will see the 'LIST PROPERTIES FREE' option.
2: Select the 'LIST PROPERTIES FREE' option and press the 'Yes, List My Properties' button.
3: Enter your name to find your properties, select your name, press the 'Confirm' button to proceed.
4: Tick the box to confirm you accept the T&C's to view all of your properties available to list on our property portal, Triplerr.com.
5: Pressing the 'Yes,They Are Mine' button will automatically start the process of your properties being loaded on to Triplerr.com. Once the loading process has finished you will be able to view all of your listing on our portal, Triplerr.com
If your application is not working or running as normal please contact our technical support team by e-mailing info@triplerr.com. One of our members from the technical team will be in touch within 24hrs.
All of our contact details are located in the Contact Us section of the main menu. Click here to e-mail TRIPLERR (link to info@triplerr.com)
Once we have received your shared lead we will send you a confirmation e-mail. If we contact the lead and are able to help the lead we will send you a further email confirming the amount due to you.
Here's how Share & Earn works-
1: Simply share your unwanted leads with TRIPLERR (Unwanted leads include old leads, extra leads, out of budget leads, out of area leads, slow moving leads, difficult customers etc)
2: We will make contact with your shared leads and help them with their property search.
3: For every shared lead that TRIPLERR is able to contact and help, you will earn as per the pricing mentioned on the App. The amount due to you for all your shared leads will be paid to you at the end of every month.
To ensure that our customers are dealt with correctly and all agents with memberships have a fair opportunity with TRIPLERR. All members are restricted to selecting a maximum of two leads of their choice per day for their duration of the membership.
However, there is no limit to the number of leads you can buy with the Pay Per Lead option.
Once you have selected the lead of your choice you will automatically be asked to connect with the customer through the TRIPLERR application. You will be connected through VOIP with the customer. If the lead is not available you will receive all of the contact details of the lead in the 'MY VOICE LEADS' section of your dashboard.
You can pause the 'LIVE CALL' function by clicking the ‘ON/OFF’ button at the bottom right of your dashboard in the application. We recommend that you keep these on as you will have a better chance to be the first agent to connect with the lead in real time.

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